Maximillian Stevenson, PharmD, MA

“Why did I choose to complete a residency?”

I chose to complete a residency because I wanted to push myself to be the best clinician possible. Residency provides a route to gain a strong foundation in clinical practice, research fundamentals, leadership, critical thinking, and process improvement.

 “Why Ohio State?”

I chose the PGY2 Pain Management and Palliative Care at Ohio State because of the program’s history of producing highly skilled clinical pharmacists who act as leaders and innovators within the specialty. All of the preceptors in the program have a personal dedication to the residents, and they work hard to give you the tools and resources to accomplish your goals. The combination of phenomenal preceptors, tremendous resources, and varied rotation opportunities led me to fall in love with the program, and I could not imagine myself anywhere else. Go Bucks!!



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