Residency Program Director
  • Jennifer Seifert, MS, RPh, BCGP

    • PGY1 Community Care Residency Program Director
    • Clinical Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Practice and Administration at The Ohio State University

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Previous Year Residents
  • Andrea Adegoke, PharmD

    Clinical Pharmacist , McDowell’s Pharmacy, Scotland Neck, NC
  • Jameliah Brown, PharmD

  • Kelly Speirs, PharmD

  • Alvin Choy, PharmD

    Clinical Pharmacist, Equitas Health, Columbus, OH 
  • Emily Wicker, PharmD

  • Jennifer Park, PharmD

  • Janessa Cohrs

    Clinical Specialist, Heart of Ohio
  • Ashley Erdmann

    Pharmacy Practice Advancement and Advocacy Fellow, OSU COP
  • Katie Miller

    Pharmacist, Remedi Seniorcare of Cleveland, Ohio
  • Sam Miller

    Clinical Pharmacist, Enhanced Medication Services, Chicago, Illinois
  • Kristin Merz

    Pharmacist, Pickerington Pharmacy
  • Ronni Ehlers

    Experiential Community Projects, The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy
  • Teagan Vaughn

    Clinical Pharmacist, Equitas Health
  • Danielle Kieck

    Community Faculty, Wilkes University Nesbit School of Pharmacy
  • Sarah Jones

    Clinical Pharmacist, Charitable Pharmacy of Central Ohio and Community Clinical Liaison
  • Garrett Lambert

    PGY2 Ambulatory Care Residency, Duquesne University, PA
  • Kristine Mason

    PGY2/MS Kroger, Columbus Division
  • Kay Bahrey

    PGY2 Ambulatory Care/Education Program, Roudebush VA Medical Center, Indianapolis
  • Kelsey Schmuhl

    Practice-Based Academic Fellowship with an Emphasis in Behavioral Health and Addiction
  • Laura Rowley

    Pharmacist at O'Reilly Family Pharmacy and Essentra Pharmacy, OH
  • Deanna Ruble

    Pharmacist, Walgreens
  • Lindsay Tsai

    Pharmacist, Kroger
  • Monica Johnson

    Pharmacist, West 7th Pharmacy, Saint Paul, Minnesota
  • Lisa Jacob

    Pharmacy Manager, Faith Community Pharmacy
  • Gina Pagano

    Pharmacist, Kroger
  • Nicholas Newman

    Pharmacy Manager, Essentra Pharmacy

About the PGY1 Community-based Program

PGY1 Community-based Pharmacy Residency Program Purpose: To build upon the doctor of pharmacy (PharmD) education and outcomes to develop community-based pharmacist practitioners with diverse patient care, leadership, and education skills who are eligible to pursue advanced training opportunities including postgraduate year two (PGY2) residencies and professional certifications.

Our aim is to empower pharmacists to be agents of change to lead practice transformation through collaborative and interprofessional patient care, education, and research.

Program Description: Graduates of this program are prepared to develop and provide patient care services, advance pharmacy practice, and hold academic positions in the community-based setting.

Charitable 2Residency Sites

Charitable Pharmacy of Central Ohio

The Charitable Pharmacy of Central Ohio (CPCO) opened in 2010. CPCO is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit pharmacy providing pharmacy services to underserved patients in Franklin County, Ohio. CPCO serves patients at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty level who have no insurance, no prescription coverage, or who are unable to afford copayments.

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CPCO’s mission is to provide affordable and effective medication and pharmacy services and to coordinate access to health care for our most vulnerable neighbors.  CPCO aims to be a Local Solution to a National Crisis in prescription medication access. It’s goals are to decrease the number of people going without necessary prescription medications, reduce unnecessary hospitalizations, and provide educational support for patients to learn about health and wellness. In addition to providing medication at no cost to patients, CPCO also provides extensive pharmacy services including medication therapy management, disease state, management including diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Patients meet in a private consultation area with a pharmacist or a senior pharmacy student each time they visit the pharmacy.

CPCO has been recognized nationally by the Pharmacy Quality Alliance and Community Pharmacy Foundation with the inaugural award for Innovations in Community-based practice with positive patient outomes. Locally, Columbus CEO named CPCO a 2019 HealthCare Trailblazer.

The pharmacy is funded by both private and public entities. All four major health systems in central Ohio, the city of Columbus, Franklin County, and many organizations and individuals sponsor the activities at CPCO. The pharmacy acquires medications through various methods including its drug repository program, bulk replenishment programs with pharmaceutical companies, and the purchase of medications.  A contracted director of development works with the pharmacy staff to continue to seek funding for growth.

The PGY1 community care resident participates in all aspects of clinical services at CPCO. In addition to teaching and research opportunities coordinated through the university, residents perform medication therapy management, assist in precepting five APPE pharmacy students each month, and strive to provide excellent care for patients as they navigate the health system. CPCO offers an abundance of opportunities for the year-long research project, quality improvement project and new service project. All team members also seek to increase community awareness about CPCO services to ultimately expand and improve care for our patients.

Site Coordinator– Ronni D’Agostino, PharmD

Equitas Health

Established in 1984, Equitas Health (formerly AIDS Resource Center Ohio), is a regional not-for-profit community-based healthcare system and federally qualified community health center look-alike. Its expanded mission has made it one of the nation’s largest HIV/AIDS, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer/questioning (LGBTQ) healthcare organizations. With 17 offices in 11 cities, it serves more than 67,000 individuals in Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia each year through its diverse healthcare and social service delivery system focused around: primary and specialized medical care, community pharmacy, dental, behavioral health, HIV/STI prevention, advocacy, and community health initiatives.

The Equitas Health Pharmacy & Prizm magazine operate as social enterprises for Equitas Health; 100% of profits are reinvested back into the organization’s programs and services.

For more information, visit or find them on Facebook or Twitter.

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Equitas Health Medical Center

Equitas Health Medical Centers strive to be the gateway to good health for those at risk of or affected by HIV, for the LGBTQ community, and for those seeking a welcoming healthcare home. In addition to routine primary care, we specialize in HIV/AIDS specialty care, PrEP, trans health, women’s health, STI screenings and treatment, and management of chronic conditions. All of our Medical Centers provide psychiatric care and behavioral health therapy. Equitas Health Pharmacies, located at each Medical Center, partner with our medical providers to offer complete specialized care. As Federally Qualified Health Center “look-alikes,” we offer services on a sliding fee scale for patients who do not have adequate insurance coverage.

Equitas Health strives to provide culturally competent care and has been recognized throughout Ohio as a leader in innovation and equity.

Equitas Health pharmacists participate on both the community and medical side of pharmacy practice. The resident will have the opportunity to work alongside AAHIVP certified pharmacists and other medical providers, such as doctors and certified nurse practitioners. Current Equitas Health Pharmacy services include medication therapy management, immunizations, chronic disease state management, collaborative practice agreements, and a patient management program offered to our specialty patients. Residents will also participate in dispensing naloxone at Safe Point (one of the largest needle exchange programs in Ohio). For a rounded experience, Equitas Health residents will engage with all aspects of the organization from administrative to case management.

Site Coordinator – Jacquelyn Risner-Kissel, PharmD, RPh

The Kroger Patient Care System  

Kroger Health, the healthcare arm of the Kroger Co., is one of America’s leading community healthcare organizations, with over 2,300 pharmacies, 11 specialty pharmacies, and 200 clinics. Our team of 22,000 healthcare practitioners – from pharmacists and nurse practitioners to dietitians and technicians – serves over 13 million patients. Kroger Health pharmacies span across 20 banners, including Fry’s, Ralphs, Smith’s, Dillons, King Soopers and Fred Meyer. 

Kroger Health is committed to the development of a community-based pharmacist practitioner focused on providing care throughout the patient-centered dispensing process. We strive to develop leaders who work as part of both pharmacy and interprofessional teams to create, provide, and manage innovative patient care services that support Kroger Health’s purpose, vision, and mission. 

Our Purpose: To Feed the Human Spirit 

Our Vision: To help people live healthier lives 

Our Mission: Simplify healthcare by creating solutions that combine Health, Wellness, and Nutrition; Connecting with customers on an emotional and personal level 

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The PGY1 Community Pharmacy Residency with The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy and The Kroger Company will give the resident a one-of-a-kind residency experience. You have the opportunity to work for the largest grocery-store based community pharmacy in Kroger Pharmacy, which is on the cutting edge of community pharmacy practice and clinical services. As a part of the residency program, you will collaborate with residents across all four residency sites in order to increase your understanding of community-based practice and patient-centered care. Our preceptors and site coordinators at the Kroger Company are truly committed to your success as a resident and will assist you in your journey through four different Kroger Pharmacy locations in Columbus. These sites allow you to experience a wide variety of patients, pharmacy staff, and will hone your skills and abilities as a community-based practitioner. As a resident of the Ohio State College of Pharmacy – ranked in the top 10 Colleges of Pharmacy for over a decade by US News & World Report – you will work alongside world class faculty and staff as you participate in your research and teaching experiences. This network of students, faculty, staff, and preceptors will help you not only to complete your goals but will push you to become a change agent for the profession of pharmacy and community-based practice.


Site Coordinator – Erin Blank, PharmD

DSC_9166Uptown Pharmacy

Uptown Pharmacy is an independent pharmacy located approximately 20 minutes from The Ohio State University campus in Westerville, Ohio. Uptown Pharmacy has been serving Westerville for more than 100 years, which has allowed the staff to become a trusted part of the community in both the eyes of patients and other healthcare providers.

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The pharmacy’s mission is to provide patients with personal healthcare by learning patients’ names, helping them understand their medications, and having pharmacists accessible to answer questions or make recommendations. Being able to provide that traditional “hometown pharmacy” atmosphere, while supplying the most advanced products, services and information available has been a source of pride. Uptown Pharmacy has been active in providing pharmacist driven patient care services to a wide variety of patient populations

Uptown Pharmacy was the first pharmacy in Ohio to provide immunizations, and has been very involved with the Ohio Pharmacists Association and its legislators to advance the immunizations pharmacists are able to provide in Ohio. It was also one of the original pharmacies involved in the APhA Foundation Project Impact: Hyperlipidemia.

Our pharmacists have been at the forefront, as community pharmacy has changed to meet the demands of the future. Today, as a result, Uptown offers blood pressure screenings, cholesterol screenings, anticoagulation management, adult immunizations, comprehensive medication therapy management consultations (MTM’s), disease-state education, custom prescription compounding and flavoring, medical device training and hormone replacement therapy management. The pharmacy serves as a rotation site for 4th year pharmacy students from The Ohio State University, Ohio Northern University, and the University of Cincinnati.

Residents are a part of our pharmacy care team and therefore responsible for involvement in all pharmacy care activities as well as prescription dispensing. Residents also develop skills in business administration, practice management, marketing and student precepting. In addition, residents have the opportunity to participate in ongoing projects and assist with the development of new clinical services within the pharmacy and Westerville community.

Site Coordinator – Cara Hoyt, PharmD

Program Structure and Learning Experiences

The residency focuses on key learning experiences coordinated from the primary practice site. These learning experiences include patient care, patient centered dispensing, practice management including development of a quality improvement project and new clinical service, major research project, and teaching. The resident will also teach at The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy and have the opportunity to earn a formal teaching certificate. The resident will be expected to complete a major research project and write a manuscript suitable for publication.  Additional longitudinal learning experiences may be tailored to promote the growth and skills of the resident depending on availability and interest.  Current optional longitudinal opportunities include an ambulatory care learning experience and a Partner for Promotion mentoring learning experience.

Direct Patient Care and Practice Management, 75%

The majority of the residency is a longitudinal experience in patient care, patient centered dispensing, and practice management at the primary site. Practice management will include the development of skills in clinical project management including a new or revitalized clinical service and a quality improvement project aligning with standardized community pharmacy quality improvement criteria. Two-thirds of a resident’s time is spent in direct patient care through the patient care and patient centered dispensing learning experiences, during which time the resident will develop advanced patient care skills.

Teaching, 15%

The resident will participate in classroom teaching and teaching related activities. Teaching experiences are longitudinal and are typically assigned for one academic semester during the year. Residents facilitate workshops in pharmacy practice courses and in the professional practice laboratory series. Residents also have the opportunity to lecture. A teaching workshop is held each summer covering the pedagogy of teaching. Teaching roundtables are held eight months out of the year. Each resident is assigned a teaching mentor from the faculty, and the resident will be able to complete a teaching portfolio to qualify for a teaching certificate at the end of the residency. (10%)

Residents will also develop precepting skills under the mentorship of preceptors at the primary practice site; skills include instruction, modeling, coaching, and facilitating experiential learners. (5%)

Major Project, 10%

The resident will be required to develop, conduct and present a practice oriented major project. A timeline guides the resident through the development, implementation, and completion of the major project. Each resident will submit to Ohio State’s IRB. The project will be presented at a national meeting as a poster presentation, presented at the annual regional residency conference or other appropriate venue as a podium presentation, and submitted in a suitable manuscript form for dissemination by the end of the residency.

Professional Development

The residency program provides both an introductory orientation to the program and an orientation series to review and enhance the resident’s knowledge and skills and to build a professional development foundation. Residency meetings are held covering residency administration and planning, research, and current topics. A fall residents’ retreat is held to prepare residents for career planning and recruitment. Residents will engage with a national organization through attendance at a national meeting, present their major project as a poster presentation, and a podium presentation at a regional residency conference or other appropriate venue. Residents are expected to engage with the Ohio Pharmacists Association throughout the year.  Residents will also participate in one of four resident lead committees (well-being, social media, professional development, or recruitment). A stipend is provided to assist with expenses related to travel.

Key Preceptors

Jarrett Bauder, PharmD
Manager, Uptown Pharmacy

Erin Blank, PharmD
Manager, Kroger Pharmacy

Holly Fahey, PharmD, BCGP
Manager of Clinical Operations

Cara Hoyt, PharmD
Adjunct Assistant Professor for Clinical Pharmacy
Pharmacist, Uptown Pharmacy

Jacquelyn Kissel, PharmaD, RPh, AAHIVP
Clinical Pharmacist, Equitas Health

Tera Mendoza
Manager, Kroger Pharmacy

JoMarie Richardson
Market Pharmacy Director, Equitas Health

Sarah Tandon, PharmD
Pharmacist, Charitable Pharmacy of Central Ohio

Benefits and Additional Requirements

Application Deadline:  January 1

We welcome applications from non-U.S. citizens who have a “green card” (permanent resident status) or a current visa valid through the entire duration of the residency program. The Ohio State University pharmacy residency programs are NOT able to sponsor visas for pharmacy residents (PGY1 or PGY2).


Start Date: July 1

Annual Salary – $47,500

Vacation Days- 7 Days

All Ohio State Holidays

Staffing Requirement- 200 hours of teaching in the Ohio State College of Pharmacy curriculum

Completion of a Major Research Project


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