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Current Residents

Connecting with current residents is a valuable way to obtain practical information about a particular residency program.  Listed below are the current pharmacy residents for The Ohio State University Pharmacy Residency Programs.

Pharmacy Residency Graduation Ceremonies

Pharmacy Residency White Coat Ceremonies

PGY1 - Ambulatory Care

Lindsey Lee

Ari Lopez

PGY1 - Community Care

Janessa Cohrs

Ashley Erdmann

Katie Miller

PGY1 - Health-System

PGY2 - Ambulatory Care - College of Pharmacy

Ariel McDuffie

PGY2 - Ambulatory Care - Wexner Medical Center

Alyssa Rinaldi

Allyson Helms

Nicole Thomas

PGY2 - Cardiology

Rachel Klosko

Rachael Eaton

PGY2 - Critical Care

Kayla John, PharmD

Eileen Friery, PharmD

PGY2 - Emergency Medicine

PGY2 - Hematology / Oncology

PGY2 - Infectious Diseases

Lindsey Groff

PGY2 - Pain Management & Palliative Care

Maximillian Stevenson

PGY2 - Solid Organ Transplant

MS Health-System Pharmacy

Lauren Aschermann-MSY2

William Hammonds-MSY2

Olga Vlashyn-MSY2

Hank Clark-MSY1

Jennifer Booth-MSY1

Chan Truong-MSY1

Christian Tulio-MSY1

MS Community Pharmacy

Awura Ama Oduro-MSY2

Maxwell Conrad-MSY1

24 Month Pharmacotherapy Program

Andrew Stone