Featured Residents

  • Michael Murphy

    Doctor of Pharmacy

    • The Ohio State University

    PGY1 Pharmacy Resident in Ambulatory Care Settings

    • The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy

    Pharmacy Advancement Fellow

    • The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy

    Why did I choose to complete a residency?

    I chose to complete a residency because I believe there is a great deal of potential growth left in our profession and if I want to be a part of the generation of pharmacists that is reaching for that highest potential I need thorough training in patient care through an integrated healthcare team model, mentoring of student pharmacists, and leadership training from my preceptors. Through my research I felt I could receive the training I need to be the best pharmacist I can be through residency training. Through my experiences over this year I plan to build my foundation of confidence in patient care, and expand my network so that I can begin my first appointment as a pharmacist with the skills and mentors I need to be successful.

    Why Ohio State?

    I chose to continue my journey as a Buckeye because of the vast array of opportunities and the innovative practice and compensation models that pharmacists are practicing in at Ohio State. I knew I could learn not only about patient care through my experience at Ohio State but how pharmacists here are working towards value based metric models so that we are providing our patients with the most optimal level of care. I chose Ohio State so that I could learn from experts in the field of pharmacy and academia how to be a leader of the next generation of pharmacists.

  • Athena Triglia-MSY2

    1. Why did I choose to complete a residency? I chose to complete a pharmacy residency due to my passion for being a lifelong learner and drive to surround myself with an atmosphere that is entirely structured around strengthening my personal and professional development. As a pharmacy resident, I knew that I would have the opportunity to participate in a variety of different learning experiences that would contribute to my “tool belt” of knowledge that would allow me to thrive in any role following graduation.
    2. Why OSU? I chose to complete a residency at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center for many reasons, but a few key contributors to this decision include the welcoming atmosphere, the drive for success, the legacy associated with this success, and the program’s intentional structure fostered to optimize my learning experience. As a resident here at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, I am surrounded by preceptors dedicated to my personal and professional growth and am supported by years of Buckeye Alumni to lean on for support and guidance. I am truly so honored and proud to be a Buckeye!