Lauren Beauchamp

“Why did I choose to complete a residency?” Completing a pharmacy residency was something that I had set as a goal of mine on day one of pharmacy school.  I knew that I wanted to be directly involved in patient care clinically in the hospital setting, and completing residency training will help me to become a more confident and knowledgeable pharmacist.  I believe that the real-life experience I will gain throughout residency training will be imperative and invaluable in the treatment of future patients by helping me to develop critical thinking processes that can be further developed and shared with future coworkers, residents, and students. 

“Why Ohio State?” The autonomy provided to pharmacists at Ohio State is unlike many other institutions and allows pharmacists to practice at the top of their licenses.  When I visited Ohio State for my interview, it was very clear that the pharmacists had all developed skills outside the stereotypical role of a pharmacist, which is something I hope to learn in residency and carry on throughout my career.  What I really treasure most about Ohio State in addition to the excellent residency program and ability to challenge myself throughout a variety of experiences and rotations is how involved everyone is in supporting you to reach your goals.  As early as my interview, it was clear to see how invested preceptors are in the residents and students in order to help us achieve our aspirations, which is invaluable as we learn how to navigate the role of pharmacist and find our place in the growing field of pharmacy.





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