Garrett Lambert

“Why did I choose to complete a residency?”

 I chose to complete a residency because I felt that it offered me a path to the practice setting that I was most interested in. Community and ambulatory care are passions of mine, as is direct patient care. Many community and ambulatory residencies offer opportunities for direct patient care, even more direct than a typical outpatient position, because they allow you the time to make deeper connections with patients over a longer period of time. A residency offers all of that, plus the opportunity to take on creative projects to improve patient care.

 “Why Ohio State?”

 I was already comfortable with Ohio State having completed my bachelor’s degree and my PharmD at Ohio State, but what really drew me in was the wealth of opportunities available to me at Ohio State. No matter what experience you are looking to get out of a residency, Ohio State can find it for you. The program has a long history and therefore a lot of graduates of the program. Many of these graduates have remained involved with the program and have helped to provide a variety of experiences that may not be available at other residencies.



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