Drew Prescott

“Why did I choose to complete a residency?”

I chose to complete a residency to prepare for a career in ambulatory care. I knew that a residency would provide the tools and resources necessary for being a pharmacist in an outpatient clinic, so I wanted to take advantage of all if had to offer.

“Why Ohio State?”

From the first time I met the directors, preceptors and residents from Ohio State, I knew there was something different about the culture of their residency program that distinguished itself from others. I knew I would be a valued member of the healthcare team and prepared for a career in ambulatory care. The vast number of opportunities provided, as well as the longitudinal nature of the program is a unique feature at OSU. The program is always looking for ways to adapt for the future and stay on the cutting-edge of the pharmacy world. Ohio State also has a legacy that spans the nation, which is exciting because it allows for opportunities you may not experience elsewhere.



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