BrookeAnne Magrum, PharmD, BCCCP

Why did I choose to complete a residency?

I knew from the very beginning of pharmacy school that I wanted to complete a residency and eventually practice as a clinical specialist. I love being involved with patients in acute care settings and being a part of the medical team to best care for each and every patient. Through residency, I knew I would be able to gain clinical knowledge and progress personally and professionally to ultimately reach my career goals.

Why Ohio State?

Since completing both my undergraduate and PharmD degree at Ohio State, I knew the preceptors I would encounter and learn from during my PGY1 year are exceptional and excellent teachers. I knew I would be learning from the best if I completed my residency here; I also knew I would be learning alongside other outstanding residents with our large program. I also chose Ohio State due to the numerous opportunities that are here at the medical center, including privileging and credentialing of pharmacists, etc.. Lastly, Columbus has become home to me and is the best city in the state! Go bucks!




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