Brooke Taylor

Why did I choose to complete a residency?

I wanted to complete a residency so that one day I am able to help a larger population of patients than I would be able to as just a normal community pharmacist. I want to help create and implement services that will impact patients all over the country to help them live healthier lives. I have a large passion to learn and feel that a residency will give me the opportunity to learn from some of the best pharmacists in the field. By completing a residency, I will grow in my areas of greatest weakness and be challenged everyday to be the best pharmacist I can be. 

 Why Ohio State?

Ohio State’s Master of Science Community Care Residency is very unique and one of the best in the country. The residency program is paired with Kroger where I will be working with some of the best Community Pharmacist that will help me continue to build my clinical knowledge as well as my managerial skills. While the program mainly focuses on community pharmacy, The Ohio State College of Pharmacy gives residents the opportunity to have elective experiences in other aspects of pharmacy, such as ambulatory care. This was very important to me since ambulatory care is a passion of mine along with community pharmacy. One of the amazing parts about Ohio State’s Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences with an emphasis in Health-System Administration classes, is the course work connects with the residency program to help bring together what I will learn in the classroom with experiences I will encounter in the real world. As the MS Community Care resident I have the privilege to be part of many residency cohorts that will bring friendships that will last a lifetime. 




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