Austin Brown

Why did I choose to complete a residency?

The route I chose before applying to residency was a different path than most take. I worked as a staff pharmacist at a teaching hospital as my first pharmacy job. I enjoyed learning the dispensing process, dispense verification, and I also liked precepting pharmacy students early in their education. However, I often had clinical questions and situations that required more than I could handle because of the time constraints on staff pharmacists or it required more than what I had been equipped with in my pharmacy education. I chose to pursue residency so that I would have the skill set to approach these difficult situations and attain a clinical position.

Why Ohio State?

The first thing that attracted me to Ohio State was a long history of excellence in pharmacy residency programs going back almost 60 years. This made me confident that the program was tested and proven to equip me with the skill set to attain a clinical pharmacy position. I also found the diversity of rotation options very attractive because I wanted a residency program that provided a strong and broad experience in many pharmacy specialties. Furthermore, the many post-graduate year two options would allow for me to potentially early commit to a variety of programs.




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