Athena Triglia-MSY2

  1. Why did I choose to complete a residency? I chose to complete a pharmacy residency due to my passion for being a lifelong learner and drive to surround myself with an atmosphere that is entirely structured around strengthening my personal and professional development. As a pharmacy resident, I knew that I would have the opportunity to participate in a variety of different learning experiences that would contribute to my “tool belt” of knowledge that would allow me to thrive in any role following graduation.
  2. Why OSU? I chose to complete a residency at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center for many reasons, but a few key contributors to this decision include the welcoming atmosphere, the drive for success, the legacy associated with this success, and the program’s intentional structure fostered to optimize my learning experience. As a resident here at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, I am surrounded by preceptors dedicated to my personal and professional growth and am supported by years of Buckeye Alumni to lean on for support and guidance. I am truly so honored and proud to be a Buckeye!



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