Andre Fernandes

Why did I choose to complete a residency?

I chose to pursue residency training because I wanted to be the best pharmacist I can be for my patients. While pharmacy school provided me with a solid foundation, I knew there was much to learn, and I wanted to learn under the mentorship of experienced practitioners who shared my passion for patient care and professional growth.

Why Ohio State?

As a student pursing a Health-System Pharmacy Administration (HSPA) residency, it was important for my residency program to have a strong emphasis on clinical training as well as leadership development. I wanted to practice at the top of my license and I knew the collaborative practice and resident credentialing at The Ohio State would allow me to do so. With the rich legacy of the HSPA residency program I also knew I would receive the best administrative and leadership training possible. Ultimately, however, it was the people associated with the program that made me realize that this was the right place for me.



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