Joshua W. Gaborcik, PharmD, BCPS

Why I did I choose to complete a residency?

I decided to pursue residency training in order to: expand and build upon the knowledge gained from my pharmacy education, build my research skills, develop my teaching philosophy, precept students, and gain leadership skills. I am a hands-on real life experience learner, and residency training has provided me with this opportunity. Through residency training, I am not only working towards and meeting my residency goals, but I am also gaining the tools and resources necessary in order to be a change agent for the profession of pharmacy.

Why Ohio State?

I choose Ohio State for three simple reasons: people, personalization, and network. Firstly, the people at Ohio State are one of a kind! They care about you and your successes, and as a result, your residency year becomes personalized to you and your desires. To be a member of The Ohio State University Residency Program means you are a member of a family! While at Ohio State, you will train in a program that spans all spectrums of the healthcare system from critical care to community pharmacy. As a result, rotation and networking opportunities are endless. With the people, personalization, and network that Ohio State offered, it was clear that I wanted to be a member of the Buckeye Family!



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