Teresamari Pastrana-Camacho, PharmD, BCPS

Why I did I choose to complete a residency?

I decided to pursue a residency because is the best way to learn how to apply the knowledge and skills learned in school to real patients, situations and settings. Residency has given me the opportunity to: sharpen my critical thinking, leadership, precepting and research skills. Residency gave me the opportunity to define myself as a practitioner and have the privilege to work in the transplant hospital setting that I love the most.

Throughout my cultural diverse training I can say Pharmacist are a valuable resource to have in every hospital setting!

Why Ohio State?

I choose Ohio State for so many reasons! I fell in love with my preceptors, their program flexibility and expertise. My preceptors really care about my learning experience. My training has been personalized to my professional goals and desires working with experts in the field. They are training me to become an independent practitioner. I am blessed for this opportunity! I feel honored to be a member of The Ohio State University Residency Program.



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