Jon Wilkie

“Why did I chose to complete a residency?”

As I progressed through pharmacy school I became intrigued in the world of oncology. I found myself becoming fascinated with the idea of treating cancers as well as preventing unique side effects seen with chemotherapy. Cancer is a very complex disease state and knew that I would most likely have to complete 2 years of residency. I sought out this advanced training because I wanted to provide the absolute best care for my patients and I have not regretted this decision at all. Residency is difficult, but I really enjoy working hard to sharpen my clinical skills and learn more about the world of medicine.

“Why Ohio State?”

The Ohio State University is a world-class institution with an amazing cancer treatment facility (The James Cancer Hospital), so this program was easily at the top of my list for PGY2 residencies. I also wanted a larger program (we have 5 Hem/Onc residents) because I find this to be an exceptional environment for learning. OSU participates in a multitude of clinical trials and has many outpatient clinics where I can experience a different side of oncology treatment, which I believe will be beneficial for training. This program is one of the best in the country and is highly respected in the world of hematology / oncology so picking OSU was an easy choice, but actually obtaining a spot in the residency program was the difficult part.



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