Tiffany Michalowski, PharmD, BDGP

“Why did I chose to complete a residency?” I was drawn to pain management and palliative care early in my student rotations and I knew residency training was the best path for me to specialize and pursue my dream career. I was amazed by the amount of knowledge I was able to gain throughout a single year in my PGY1 residency, which made it easy to be excited about continuing on to a PGY2.

“Why Ohio State?” The pain and palliative care residency at Ohio State is unique in its abundance of experiences offered in hospice care through the Optum Hospice Services site and the focus on conducting quality research. As my interests lie most heavily in chronic pain and end of life symptom management, Ohio State offered everything I was looking for and more. After meeting the preceptor team, I felt confident Ohio State was the place for me!





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