Marilee Clemons

“Why did I choose to complete a residency?”

I choose to complete a PGY2 ambulatory care residency to build upon my clinical knowledge and gain experience working as part of an interdisciplinary team to provide patient-centered care. Additionally, I have an interest in teaching and a residency provides me with a diverse exposure to different teaching opportunities in both the clinical and didactic setting. 

 “Why Ohio State?”

Completing my residency at OSU is a perfect fit for me. I am blessed to surround myself with people who are passionate about going to work every day to provide direct patient care. I love that there is a large emphasis on teaching.. there is an incredible amount of information that is shared on a daily basis in a comfortable learning environment. In addition, the residency program does a great job of balancing both autonomy and support. The residency program feels like one big family and I know I have a great support system from my preceptors, co-residents, and faculty members should I need it. 




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