MS Health-System Administration

Community Care REsidency

Residency Program Director
  • Bella Mehta, PharmD, FAPhA, Professor of Clinical Pharmacy and Family Medicine

    • BS in Pharmacy, The Ohio State University
    • PharmD,The Ohio State University
    • PGY1 in Ambulatory Care, The Ohio State University
Previous Year Residents
  • Max Conrad, PharmD, MS

    Pharmacy Manager, Kroger
  • Awura Ama Oduro

    Clinical Pharmacy Manager, Johns Hopkins Home Care Group
  • Brooke Taylor

  • Dana M. Bachmann

    Ambulatory Pharmacy Manager with Pharmacy Systems Inc., Holzer Health System
  • Matthew Lengel

    Clinical Pharmacy Manager, Johns Hopkins Outpatient Pharmacy

About the MS Community Care Residency Program


The purpose of the OSU College of Pharmacy PGY1/PGY2 Residency in Community Practice Leadership and Administration is to create leaders in community pharmacy practice to advance patient care services. In addition to patient care, teaching, and research, residents will develop advanced skills in leadership, management, administration and pharmacy advocacy.

DSC_9010Residency Sites

The Kroger Co., Columbus Division: Kroger Patient Care System

PGY1&2-Community Administration/MS-24 mo
The Kroger Patient Care System serves as the leader of clinical service development and oversight for Kroger’s Columbus division with stores in Ohio, Michigan and West Virginia. The Patient Care System is pharmacist managed, with a mission to improve patient care and advance community pharmacy practice.

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For more than ten years, the Patient Care System has strived to incorporate advanced patient care services into our 120 pharmacies. Kroger pharmacists care for a diverse population of patients across the communities they serve. Services provided include medication therapy management, immunizations, wellness screenings, health and disease state management and other patient education programs. The resident at Kroger will become a leader in development, management, and advancement of clinical services. Skills will be developed in marketing, business management, healthcare professional training, community outreach, and collaboration with Kroger’s upper management in addition to patient care, teaching, and research. Kroger has been recognized for innovation in pharmacy practice, excellence in experiential education and precepting, dedication to providing superior customer service, and community involvement.

Key Rotations / Experiences

During the PGY1 year, the residency focuses primarily on direct patient care and practice management.  The resident will participate in direct patient care activities at the primary site. Elective opportunities at other sites are also available.  

During the PGY2 year, the resident interacts with the pharmacy director, assistant directors, clinical coordinators, and pharmacy coordinators to learn skills surrounding project management, human resource management, business proposals, and management of the pharmacy enterprise. The resident will also deliver didactic lectures at The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy and has the opportunity to earn a formal teaching certificate. The resident will be expected to complete and publish at least one major research project.

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Experiences include those that are both observatory and participatory in nature, with emphasis placed on helping the resident develop the skills necessary to grow a variety of services and maintain the business goals of the organization. This includes quality improvement methodology software and data specific to the site, data and information automation system discussions and analysis, and business skill development specific to the needs of the site. Additionally, emphasis is placed on understanding and executing compliance with a variety of regulatory and quality requirements across the division. Residents will also spend time identifying, developing, implementing, and evaluating a patient care service for the benefit of patients through patient care management. Additionally, the resident will develop leadership skills to ensure appropriate project implementation.


Erin Blank, PharmD
Assistant Pharmacy Leader

Steve Effinger, PharmD
Patient Care Coordinator

Selected Resident Research

  • The Impact of Comprehensive Medication Reviews Performed by Community Pharmacists for Patients Discharged from an Observation Unit
    Long BK, Kuhn CH, McAuley JM, Shirk MB, Bennett MS
  • The Community Pharmacist’s Role in Transitions of Care: A Qualitative Thematic Analysis
    Long BK, Kuhn CH, Hilligoss B, Broedel-Zaugg K, Bennett MS

Benefits and Additional Requirements

Application Deadline:  January 1, 2021

Supplemental Requirements:
Graduate School Application

Start Date: July 1

Annual Salary
MSY1 – $47,500
MSY2 – $48,500

Vacation Days – 7 days per year and all Ohio State holidays

Staffing Requirement- none

Completion of a Masters Research Project


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